Result 2014-06-15

Finally, here are the result for the ”Pirate Hunt”. Unfortunately, participation was not what we hoped for, but eleven listeners from six different countries had sent in the results of their listening.

Winners of the contest became one of the two participants from Finland, Jari Lehtinen who managed to get an answer from 19 SW pirates and 6 from MW pirates. Very impressive in such a short time! In second place was Claes Olsson, Sweden and third Luis Seguira, Spain. First prize then went to Finland, the random price to Ihor Karivets, Ukraine. All participants will receive a certificate. which will be sent out later. Here is the definitive price list:

1.  Jari Lehtinen, 31 points (SW 19, MW 6)
2.  Claes Olsson, Sweden 20 points
3.  Luis Segarra, Spain 13 points
4.  Patrick Robic, Austria 11 points
5.  Ullmar Qvick, Sweden 10 points
6.  Hans-Joachim Pellin, Germany 7 points
7.  Bo Hellman, Sweden 6 points (SW 2, MW 2)
8.  Alf Persson, Sweden 5 points
9.  Ihor Karivets, Ukraine 2 points
10. Jan-Mikael Nurmela, Finland 1 point
---  Dieter Sommer, Gemany

A big thank to all participants and congratulations to the winners! Maybe we will be back with a new contest sometime in the future.

Norrköpings Distanslyssnare